Paint the Town: New Music Video uses Paint bought from our stores

by Cass Art

When we heard that videographer and photographer Sonny Malhotra shopped at Cass Art Islington, we were pretty pleased. But when we saw his music video 'That Old' for London DJ and Producer The Last Skeptik, we were ecstatic.

The music video sets the scene of an immaculate white miniature village, where the paint starts to pour into their lives in vivid, inescapable colour. It is addictive to watch. We asked Sonny about the inspiration for the video...

"The artist in me"

"After listening to the track a few times I knew I wanted to go with a bright and colourful aesthetic, bordering on the psychedelic. I've recently done live action and stop motion videos for The Last Skeptik, so I was looking for something new to try when I came across 'paint pouring' videos on Youtube where artists pour varying colours of paint on top of each other on a flat surface, pushing the paint underneath outwards in an ever expanding set of concentric circles. I loved the ordered chaos of it all, and got to thinking about ways of making it a little more visually interesting by adding objects to change the flow of the paint. I started to build a street scene so that the people and the architecture could produce the chaotic patterns I was after and inject a bit of a human element into the video. The miniature people actually project a ton of personality and I hope I'm not the only one who watches the video and imagines what these people are like, and what they're saying to each other."

"The artist in me insists that this video is a visual representation of the complex and chaotic effects that even the simplest of relationships between people and their environments can have, but the rest of me just loves making things by hand and using any excuse to work with paint."

"The reaction to the video has been fantastic; I love working with all sorts of musicians, but UK hip-hop artists and their fans can be some of the most rewarding. They love to see a video that doesn't fit hip-hop video tropes and clichés."

So what is planned for the future?
"I had such a laugh with this project that I've already got my next video planned, with gallons more acrylic paint and chaos involved. Now I've just got to find the perfect song to go with it…."

Sonny used 8 litres of Daler Rowney acrylic paint with water in the making of the video, all of which he bought at our Islington store!

Read more about Sonny on his website, or follow him on Twitter

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