Pick up a pen and create

by Cass Art

Pick up a pen. Grab an idea. And go.

A bird, an owl, a teapot. A lion, a house, a rainbow, a monster, a smile, a spider. Anything and everything.

In your house, in the garage, on the driveway, in the garden, on the bus, on the Tube, on the street, in the park.

After school, after work, in the lazy afternoon sun, in winter in front of the fire. Everywhere and anywhere. Outside and inside.

Art doesn’t have to be about expensive tools. It can come from the simplest, humblest of things. A pen, a stamp, a pencil, a toothpick, a spoon.

So pick up a pen and create. Go on! There’s probably one lying close at hand. Pick it up and start sketching. Go on!

Draw a house. Draw a word. Draw a spider. A ladybug. A box. A grid. Just draw anything. Feels good, doesn’t it?

In one way, picking up a pen and sketching is a cheap, easy and fun way to produce art. In another, it’s about going back to times past, using simple tools to communicate, to inspire, to make things.

If you’re interested in making some great art using simple tools, inspiration is everywhere.

Here are three ways to get started, although you’ve probably got plenty of your own:

Play eye-spy with my little eye and draw what you find.
Pluck out a memory and draw it.
Draw your own face!

You could also take a look at the work of the illustrator Marion Deuchars. Deuchars creates great art work using simple tools, like pens and fingerprints and placemats and has written a number of books that are worth checking out.

To sum up, why don’t we go to poetry. There’s a well-known poem by the Irish poet Seamus Heaney that runs: “Between my finger and my thumb, the squat pen rests. I’ll dig with it.”

It shows how, in a simple way, with a simple tool, we can always create.

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