Past Event: Artists Push Boundaries with Picture Shack at Fringe Arts Bath

by Cass Art

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The Bath Fringe is a festival of all the arts with no rules. Artists push boundaries in the golden city of Bath for 17 creative days, and this year, several of our staff from Cass Art Bristol have united to bring you Picture Shack.

Imagine please, your standard room. It needn't be remarkable. It probably isn't. The walls are likely to be a sort of creamy colour, and the furniture is ugly but serviceable. It may, if you'll forgive me, smell slightly of damp. You could live with it though.

Well the Picture Shack isn't that room.

Picture Shack Chair Illustration 

We're a bunch of artists (mostly illustrators) who have got together to bring an end to the slightly damp, sort of creamy rooms with functional furniture. We're fed up of drawing on paper and we're thinking bigger. Why shouldn't the walls of any, nay, every room be emblazoned with a spy thriller, which you can explore whilst sitting on the life and soul of the chair party and eating off the most interesting plates you've ever seen?

Come along and live the life for a day or just a few hours at Picture Shack.


Our proud armchair warriors are fighting against the norm so you don't have to. Cruelty-free felt taxidermy; tiny, tiny people; and dresses embroidered with tales of long ago await you in the Shack, but you might just be looking for a snuggle with an enormous cat. Some of these options are available to you in the Shack. Some aren’t, because some of us just dream too big.


This room was un-interior designed for you (in no particular order!) by the likes of Rosie McLay, Bethan Mure, Becca Pugh, Laura Hallett, Sophie Burrows, Bett Norris, Tessa Ratuszynska Price, Laura Waite, Nicola Pearce and was curated by Mr G Johnson.  There should be a little book on a table singing their praises and containing contact details for them.

TV Mural, tables and curation: Mr G Johnson (aka Graham Johnson, Sales Assistant at Cass Art Bristol)

Bird sculpture

Feeling inspired? 

Click here for more information on the Fringe Arts Bath Festival and Picture Shack.

Picture Shack is located at 8/9 New Bond Street Place, Bath, BA1 1BH​ and is open from Friday 22nd May - Sunday 7th June.

Dog sculpture

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