Q-Art: An Artist Community Outside Of College

by Cass Art

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When you’re immersed in the all-consuming creativity of art college or university, it’s easy enough to stay focused.

It becomes a totally different, more isolated challenge to keep your art going once you’ve graduated, and once you're removed from that community of like-minded makers.

This is where Q-Art comes in. It is an energising, supportive online and face-to-face community which is there for creatives throughout their lives, no matter how long ago you graduated. 

The clear message is that you don’t have to be a student to attend the Q-Art crits. The crits are monthly displays held across art colleges, which are open to all to either view or exhibit in. So the learning doesn’t need to stop even once you've left art college. 

What is Q-Art?

It is a 2008-established non-profit organisation, open to everyone interested in art, whether present or potential students, graduates or self-taught artists.

The group’s mission is twofold.

One, to dissolve the obstacles and link different art education models; and two, to make the functions of today’s art scene more transparent.

The group has a young, refreshing feel. with the vigorous impetus of being organised by graduates and students.This is then fortified by a group of often older Q-Art community members.

What does Q-Art offer art graduates and other artists?

First and foremost among Q-Art’s functions is the London crit. This is a monthly programme of exhibitions across the capital for viewers and exhibitors alike. Recent displays have been at The Florence, The Cass (not in any way related to Cass Art, just so you know!), and the university Goldsmiths.

December is an exciting month for Q-Art. This is when the group stages its annual showcase of exhibitors who have been featured in crits over the last academic year. 

Q-Art’s work is ongoing - they research new publications to help art students regardless of age and experience, they've set up a graduate profile division, and are constantly developing their learning tools. Such tools include presentation advice and its crit video.  They also host book launches and panel discussions to help artists in their lifelong learning process.

They also play host to a packed itinerary of gallery visits, to offer eye-opening insights into the vast variety of exhibiting spaces available and explore how they correlate with different audiences and artists.

How can you get involved?

Being an NPO, Q-Art relies on voluntary contributions from the public to sustain its London crit schedule. The group needs to reach its £5,000 target by the beginning of next month to meet its 2014/15 programme running costs.

 A contribution of £20 is all that is asked for to entitle subscribers to become a “friend” of Q-Arts. This entitles them to a whole 12 months’ worth of Q-Arts crits. Art lovers who persuade at least three like-minded culture connoisseurs to sign up will get recognition as one of Q-Art’s ambassadors.

You can contribute and subscribe here.  

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Feeling inspired?

Carry on learning with Q-Art and learn more about their crits here.  

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