Student Review: Sensu Digital Brush & Stylus

by Cass Art

The sensu brush provides a new, fun experience in digital painting, relieving it of the restrictions of a stylus pen. Using the brush on the iPad made painting more playful, exciting and interesting, giving you the feeling of painting straight onto canvas with the added benefits of the software pushing past the limitations of traditional painting.

You can't help but get distracted by the act of playing with the brush more than doing your desired drawing. You don't need to wash your brush or fiddle with colours; you can just let it flow across the screen.

In Art Rage, the brush was pressure sensitive so if you want to make your painting experience more realistic, make sure you have up to date software to prevent lagging. The back of the brush acts like a stylus allowing you to draw as well as paint. Take the lid and pop it on the back of the brush and it becomes the length and the shape of a paintbrush. You might think digital painting cannot be like actual painting, but with this brush you may even argue that it is better.

Jade Fadojutimi

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