Sketching With The Masters

by Cass Art

Feel that summer sun on your face and get your drawing pad and pencils out. It's summer and time to sketch your surroundings whilst you top up your tan, as the art masters of long ago surely did. (You never know...)

We've put together some classic sketches to help inspire your seasonal doodling, because we want everyone to be able to Sketch Your Summer. Rough drawings are sometimes the most liberating of all, offering the most raw medium of thought moving onto paper; so take some inspiration from the great artists that sketched alongside their greater works. 


MC Escher’s Castrovalva

The Dutchman’s piece might have been plucked from a latter-day Lord of the Rings set. It is, in fact, an Italian village which sits precariously atop a precipitous slope. The foreground sees a snail and a beetle, while angry cotton wool clouds hang almost 3D like from the sky. Picture perfect. 

Eugene Delacroix’s Chopin

With the Roman nose and tortured expression, the Polish composer has rarely been captured better than in this sketch by the 19th-century French Romanticist.

Study of 3 hands

Albrecht Durer’s Study of Three Hands

Many artists love drawing people until they reach the most problematic of features...the hand. Just to prove that this limb didn’t faze him, it’s also worth checking out his Praying Hands.

Study of Crabs 

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Study of Crabs

Has there ever been as compulsive a sketcher as Da Vinci? He evidently thought it was time to sketch on the beach with this anatomically correct study of two crustaceans. 

Helm's Deep 

Alan Lee’s Helm’s Deep

Does Lee’s stunning, fantastical landscape look familiar? It should do. The Middlesex-born artist and prolific sketcher is the man behind the Lord of the Rings sketchbook.

Image Credits - Pinterest 

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