Past Event: Pick Up A Print at Slade Print Fair 2014

by Cass Art

Printing isn't dead! We hear it time and time again, and we absolutely agree.

An all-rounder for art enthusiasts this November, Slade School of Fine Art’s fundraising initiative is celebrating printmaking in all its forms.

Now in its second year, Cass Art are proud to be supporting the Slade Print Fair, where visitors are offered the exclusive opportunity to purchase a print made by the acclaimed staff or by emerging artists at the school.

The event will also feature live printmaking and the latest Slade Edition by the artist Lisa Milroy.

Slade Print Fair

There’s plenty to sink your creative teeth into and it's the perfect place to nab those Christmas presents, if you can bear to part with your print of choice!

Save the date: 26th to 28th November at the Slade School of Art in Woburn Square.

Visit their website for more information on opening times.

Feeling inspired?

Read about last year’s Print Fair here and stock up on your own printmaking supplies on the Cass Art website.

This year, works come solely from staff/students.

Slade Print Fair 

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