Exhibition Evenings: May 2014

by Cass Art

Consistently and with cutting-edge results, a group of London-based art students put together their own exhibition every month under the title Exhibition Evenings.

The students this month have pulled off another contemporary and innovative show at House Gallery, exploring the endless possibilities of moving image and story-telling. 

Firstly, Lucy Crump, Fine Art student at Kingston University, shared a piece entitled 'The Feasting' - a visual representation of when her father was stung in the eye by a bee. This gruesome scenario was creating using found imagery and double exposure resulting in a film that was hard to tear yourself away from. Lucy began on the BA course as a painter, but the fluidity of moving image was a natural progression from one practice to the other.

Lucy Crump, Exhibition Evenings

On the MA Photography course at LCC, Wenting Liu's prints explore microseconds of emotion when reading a love story to an unsuspecting male participant. Using a DSLR to capture the tiniest of expressions, Wenting collated her images to show the reactions to six true love stories written by females. Having completed a degree in Chinese Painting before moving to Photography, Wenting's proves her talents lie in both art direction and conceptual thought.

Wenting Liu

Jisun Choi had audiences captivated with her film footage depicting 'My Sweet Home #2', where she stacks all of her belongings into a perfect square - fridge and mattress included - to create a capsule home that is no larger than 2m. This belongs to a series of images whereby Jisun constructs elaborate sets to visually demonstrate cognitive errors within human nature.

Jisun Choi

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Visit Lucy Crump's website here, Wenting Liu's website here

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