START: It's time to try something new

by Cass Art

It's always a great time to try something new. Open your eyes, expand your horizons, test the waters and push those boundaries.

And that's what our new START campaign is all about - starting something creative for the first time.

Are you an experienced artist who wants to try something new? Perhaps give oil painting a go after years of acrylic? Or maybe you want to start drawing on paper again, after you spend so much time on the screen? Or perhaps you're a complete beginner but you're eager to give art a go - pick up that pencil, that paintbrush or pen, and dive straight in. Well, starters, we applaud you, and our entire February is dedicated to you, and you alone.

START is separated into five helpful categories so you can get the tips you need for whatever art journey you're going begin: Start Oil Painting, Start Acrylic Painting, Start Watercolour, Start Drawing and Start Print Making.  

Start watercolour painting


- Great prices on our START art materials 

- Handy How To features with step by step instructions and introductions to different art-making techniques

- Guest blogs and drawing tips on the blog from artists like Jake Spicer

- 50% off painting and drawing classes from Craftsy 

- Other fantastic art offers throughout February and March

Start oil painting


Kurt Vonnegut

Marion Deuchars

Bob Brendle

Gail Devers

Arthur Ashe

Feeling inspired?

Browse our START range here and get making today! 

All our staff are artists, so please do ask them in-store if you have any questions about a new medium - they'll be happy to help.  

Check our out Art Offers for February and March here, available when you buy anything in-store or online this season. 

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