Student Opportunity at Exhibition Evenings!

by Cass Art

When you take a visit to the National Gallery or Tate Modern, you often forget how these famous artists and prolific works began. At one point there was a dedicated art student putting their heart and soul into a piece with no guarantee on any sort of return - financial or otherwise. Unlike the days of the Old Masters, there is a solution for next generation of artistic pioneers...

Cass Art is proud to introduce Exhibition Evenings, launched by HTB students, a free monthly exhibition run by students for students to showcase their creative talents and create a sense of community in London.

Previous exhibitions have seen some extraordinary talent on display at the local venue House Gallery in Camberwell, from oil paints to video, illustrations to fashion photography, animation, sculpture and everything in between. No discipline is left behind and the opportunity to be involved is open to all students at any university.

For more information on past Exhibition Evenings catch up on the student category of the Cass Art blog.

Entry couldn't be simple enough, to email your submission or portfolio just click here.

Feeling inspired?

Perhaps there's nothing in your portfolio that you feel comfortable with sharing just yet - don't let that stop you! Cass Art stocks a vast range of materials for you to get creative with. Try working in a new medium, acrylic paints on canvas or even pick up a screen printing set. Remember that students receive an exclusive 15% discount on full price items both online and in store so be sure to sign up!

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Keep up to date with Exhibiton Evenings on their Facebook and Twitter for information on dates and times of each month's event.

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