Student Spotlight: Curiosity, Doubt and Nadim

by Cass Art

Here at Cass Art we know that art students are the future, and aim to showcase the work of the emerging artists across the country. As part of our Student Spotlight series, we caught up with postgraduate student, Nadim, who studies Artist Teachers & Contemporary Practices at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Above: The Whale- acryclic paint & spray paint- community art project with school children- 900 W x 220 H cm- 2013

Where do You Want to Be?- various objects- 2012

What motivates you to make art?

The learning; the unrivalled knowledge acquired through creating art and research. Art-making has so much in common with "living" and "becoming". To me, art practices are life practices: curiosity, doubt and constant wonder all represent the continuously changing nature of "making", which strongly resembles the ways in which we deal with the things that happen within and around us in everyday life.

Shake well before use- markers on paper- 32 W x 24 H cm- 2011

What are your preferred materials to work in?

I don't have a favoured medium or method, and prefer to explore and test out new ideas using different materials. As a concept or idea evolves into a finished piece, it influences the choice of material and process used.

What are the benefits of studying at Goldsmiths?

Goldsmiths has an outstanding and diverse learning community. It's an excellent place to share insights and put numerous ideas into practice.

Untitled Self-Portrait- Prismacolour marker on paper- 2015

Could you tell us a little about your 100 self-portraits project?

I was not familiar with the term "self-portrait" until I saw the work of Android Jones back in 2003. I followed his 1000 self-portraits project, and became so inspired that I began looking in the mirror to draw and paint myself. The results were far from satisfactory. At that time, my technical skills were poor and I had no idea about what I was doing.

A self-portrait is part of who I am at the time during which I am making it, but the self-portrait itself (the outcome) is not who I am. I made the first portrait on January 1, 2015, and the second on January 2. On the third day I decided I would continue until reaching 100 pieces. This project now acts as a warm up - and practice - for future ideas and projects.

Feeling inspired? 

Follow Nadim's self-portrait project here, or view more of his work on Instagram

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