Fashion Student Wins Student Spotlight

by Cass Art

During Degree Show season, Cass Art set up a social photo tool to allow students across the country to get their final pieces showcased on the homepage of our website. At the end of the process we randomly generated a winner - and Fashion student Rachel O'Mahony was the lucky student to win £500 to spend in Cass Art.

We asked Rachel about her designs, her time at The London School of Fashion, and her top tips for new fashion students.

How did you find your time at the London School of Fashion?

My time at LCF was the most challenging and demanding four years of my life! The tutors constantly pushed me and ensured that I produced work that was unique, innovative and to the best of my potential. It was amazing being surrounded by so many creative and inspiring individuals every day, and I was very lucky to be apart of the LCF community where there are so many opportunities and platforms to showcase my designs and illustrations.

Rachel O'Mahony 

What are your favourite materials to use when working in fashion? 

When I produce garments I enjoy working with good quality silks and chiffons, as I find they capture a sense of fluidity and add femininity to my designs. I also love working with beads and sequins and try to integrate them into all of my creations. 

Can you tell us in detail about your Degree Show pieces?

My concept for my collection looked at the combination of the perfection of Victorian Womens Suiting with the destruction from contemporary artists and their new take on classical art. My materials mainly included velvets and silk chiffons that were transformed by classical techniques such as smocking and printing. 

Do you have any tips for those wanting to study Fashion?

Fashion Design is an extremely competitive and difficult profession. My advice for those wanting to study design would be to gain as much experience as possible within the industry as you will learn many new skills and extend your professional knowledge which you can then adapt and transfer into your own work.  

Rachel O'Mahony 

Who are your favourite Fashion Designers?

My biggest inspiration comes from Madame Gres, who was a French Haute Couture designer. She created beautiful gowns and sculptured pieces that were often pleated and enhanced the female body through her stunning choice of shapes and fabrics. 

What kind of art supplies do you think you’ll want to stock up on with your Cass Art voucher?

I am currently setting up my own Fashion brand, so I plan to stock up on all new equipment for my new studio. I want to get all new designing and drawing tools like pens, markers and pencils with lots of sketchpads so I can begin designing my new collections. Thank you Cass Art!

Image Credits

Image 1 - Photography James Rees, Creative Direction Rob Phillips, Beauty Melissa Wong, Model Kasatkina at Select

Image 3 - Muradrm Photography 

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