Past Event: Sunday Salon: Art at The Oakley Road Project Space

by Cass Art

The space in which an artist exhibits is very important; it informs the whole tone of the work. Cass Art were fortunate enough to have a sneak peek into the underground fine artist scene of the capital – exhibitions in London homes, with invites for family and friends only in an environment where conversation can flow more freely without the constraints of a gallery space.

Egle Jauncems, Fine Artist and hostess opens up her home for events such as these for her friends and colleagues including Tom Farthing at ‘The Oakley Road Project Space’. We took a look at the work on display and chatted to a few of the artists involved.

Many of the exhibiting artists are graduates from Fine Art courses at Chelsea, Slade or Ruskin and aside from working in similar circles, they are friends too. Egle expresses how it’s really important for her to provide this opportunity for her fellow artists and how this is not her first time hosting an exhibition. “Normally I arrange events for the evening time, but it can get really busy and I thought Sunday day time would be at a nice pace with more time to absorb the work”.

All the pieces were created this year, making Egle’s collection one of the most cutting edge exhibitions around. She tells us how there are a number of artists like her, opening up their home for private views.

Egle’s practice involves painting, sculpture, performance and weaving, which she says are mutually supporting and interacting disciplines. The loom she works on is discretely moved aside for the exhibition but no less giant. Her hand made canvases provide a rich tactile base for the addition of colour – and surely stand alone as being beautiful in their own right. Exhibiting artist, Lindsay Mapes explores the relationship between colour and the feelings that certain colours and colour combinations evoke - although things might look bright and cheery on the outside, rarely does the text underneath follow the same.

Cass Art is privileged to have stumbled upon this gem of creativity, perhaps this town is already filled with artists! Head to our website to shop online for your materials and remember to share your creations with us on our Facebook and Twitter. 

Image Credits:

Photo Credit: Femi Anderson

Lindsay Mapes - MFA Painting, Slade School of Art ‘Closure’ Mixed Media on Panel

Egle Jauncems - BA Textile Design, Fibre, Textile and Weaving Arts, Chelsea College of Art ‘The Horizon’

Fred Sorrell -BA Fine Art, Falmouth College of Art, ‘Study for “Drawn to the purple pond”’ Gouache

Hamish McLain - MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art ‘Strike 1’

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