Symposium of Art at Eleven this Christmas

by Cass Art

A variety of paintings, photographs, prints, drawings and sculptures all feature at the sixth edition of Christmas Salon, the annual festive exhibition at Eleven in London, so if you want to get into the Christmas spirit

Evoking the famous Salon de Paris, which featured influential artists whose work jostled for position across every available inch of floor-to-ceiling space, Christmas Salon is one of Eleven’s flagship events.

Here, a variety of disciplines blend to form a dizzying array of works across media from a range of gallery artists, showcasing their latest work as well as never-before-seen pieces.

“Highlighting each artist’s style, this exhibition creates an enticing visual experience and ideal occasion to acquire new works,” the gallery said.

Featured artists include:

Ben Turnbull

Turnbull, who lives and works in London, is interested in American culture and how it informs our lives.

His work often explores America’s complicated relationship with violence, looking at war, violence and patriotism.

Turnbull’s 2011 Supermen series of works analyses the role of the superhero in contemporary culture and thinking.

Natasha Kissell

Kissell, who lives in Brighton, is interested in our relationships with space. Her work takes urban and rural scenes – streetscapes, moorland, transport hubs, cliff-tops – and keys them in to imaginative landscapes.

The result is a series of alien, wonderful, near-supernatural worlds. These utopian visions feature modernist architecture, man-made structures and the natural world to offer a pleasing yet unsettling take on the world.

Kent Christensen 

New York-based Kent Christensen questions the power that material objects seem to have in modern life. His work takes ice-cream cones, milkshakes and sweets and turns them into surreal yet authoritarian objects. A visual metaphor for our times.

“My latest paintings are about obsession and that fine line we walk between enjoying the material things of life and letting them take over,” he said. 

Christmas Salon at Eleven Fine Art, Eccleston Street, London. Dec 6 2013 – Jan 18 2014 and free entry.

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