The Art of Football

by Cass Art

Who'd have thought that art and football could so happily work together? The universal appeal of both has been recently underlined, as the upcoming tournament in Brazil has inspired three ambitious - and completely different - projects in the South American country.

With 32 teams competing in the festival of football, and thousands of fans travelling to lend their support from all over the globe, perhaps it was a given that cultural creativity was going to be unleashed.

A set of artist twins in Brazil known as Os Gêmeos tackled the influx of supporters head on when they transformed a Boeing 737 with football art.

Os Gêmeos have aesthetically altered the plane from a standard aircraft into one which boasts a colourful collage of supporters across its metal surface. Simpsons-esque yellow-coloured characters depicted on the plane boast elongated faces, expectant expressions and differing outfits, and will fly Brazil's national team in gaudy style. 

Another Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira, went back to his roots when deciding on a project to mark the summer of soccer - quite literally.

Oliviera took a room inside a Sao Paulo museum to produce Transarquitetonica - a collection of wooden caverns and twisting paths which resemble a set of tree roots from the outside. Housed at the Museu de Arte Contemporanea da Universidade until November, the installation was made using tapumes, a cheap wood used for makeshift walls at construction sites. Whilst the installation is not linked to football, it is just one example of the artistic talent residing in Brazil this summer. 

Not all of the hype about the football has sparked celebratory art projects, however. The cost of hosting international football's premier tournament has led to widespread anger and some protests across the country. Many graffiti artists have turned to their canvases on the streets to express their discontent.

According to graffiti artist Paulo Ito, residents should see the tournament in Brazil, and the accompanying spotlight, as an ideal chance to demand more investment in the country's infrastructure.

The spray painted images on walls and fences range from a tearful child holding a knife and fork with only a football on his plate, and the simple yet powerful message Educacao E Investimento!

Brazil Football
But despite some negative backlash, there is no denying that bringing nations together in sporting events brings out the best in our creativity - as a platform to express, compete and unite. Perhaps art and sport have more in common than you might think. 

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