Behind The Scenes At The DELETE Show

by Cass Art

Cass Art is proud to support The DELETE Show, an exhibition by Central Saint Martins students that immerses visitors in the concepts of deletion in the twenty-first century.

From 5th - 6th June at the 71a Gallery, Leonard Street in the heart of Shoreditch, this keen group of talented students will be hosting a platform for young creatives to share their fresh perspectives on the definitions of moving image by re-innovating its traditional forms and approaches.

We spoke to Head of Operations and exhibiting artist Aditya Fernandes about the challenges involved in a self-initiated student exhibition and what The DELETE Show is all about.

First of all, what is The DELETE Show?

The DELETE Show is an exhibition that we, the Moving Image students at Central Saint Martins, are putting up. It is a platform for us young creatives to share our fresh perspectives on the definition of moving image by re-inventing its traditional forms and approaches. Deletion in the 21st century is the theme of the work. The DELETE Show is really just a coming together of students, the industry and the public. We want to start a conversation outside of our university.

What was it that inspired the group to coordinate a student exhibition? How challenging has it been for you guys?

We didn’t want to wait until the last year of our time in university to showcase our work to the public. We wanted a challenge, to put ourselves out there. As a member of the team it has been a challenge turning this into reality - finding a space, getting sponsors for the show, and connecting with the right people - but we’ve learnt that it is possible to start something, as long as you have a vision and determination. As a student producing work for the exhibition we’re definitely challenging ourselves, we’re dealing with a lot of limitations, and we really have to step up, be professional and deliver work that engages and communicates to the viewer.


What should we be expecting to see at The Delete Show?

You will see experimental films, animation, spatial installations, and digitally interactive pieces. The work is about deletion, and this could mean to subtract, to eliminate or to forget. The ideas we have are meaningful and fun so the viewers are in for a treat!

Will the work from the Big White Wall project project be in any way linked to The Delete Show?

Yes! The students who worked on the Big White Wall project will be exhibiting at The DELETE Show. Some of the exhibition pieces will use similar technology to achieve user interaction, and sound is a feature that all the work will incorporate, like the Big White Wall project.

Any top tips for other students organising their own exhibition?

Have a vision for the exhibition. Why are you doing it? Have a organising team with a strong leader. Keep the team small so each member has a dedicated role. Have regular meetings; it’s pretty cool how professional you feel. And be prepared for a LOT of group message notifications.

The Delete Show

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Image Credits

Sofia Aronov and Nikita Rao's "Echoes in Movement" uses a light sensitive surface which portrays ephemeral illuminations of nature's invisible traces.

Shawn Soh and Persa Hajiyanni's "Reverse Polaroid" illustrates the act of forgetting as photo prints disappear physically after a period of time.

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