The Net Gallery 3D Studio Tour Feat: Charley Peters

by Cass Art

Charley Peters is an artist based in South Bermondsey, London. By juxtaposing the familiar sensibilities of the Hard Edge, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art with aesthetics suggestive of the development of the information age, Peters’ work references the language of High Modernism in the context of the recent phenomena of the high tech, filtered through the analogue act of painting. Her meticulously made paintings reflect the graphically complex world in which we now live, where we simultaneously see multiple ‘windows’ on computer screens, smartphones and digital tablets. Creating her work intuitively by dividing the canvas into distinct compositional areas and building up layers of paint, Peters seeks to explore our experiences of reading space, substance and abstract form in contemporary visual culture.


The Net Gallery is a London-based digital arts platform that uses cutting-edge scanning technology to turn physical exhibitions and art spaces into immersive 3D virtual experiences. With more than 85,000 visitors over the last year, their interactive walkthroughs showcase exhibitions and exclusive behind-the-scenes content to a global community of artists, curators, arts professionals and art lovers. The Net Gallery is also the home of Artist N Virtual, a unique digital directory that connects the art world, making it simple to profile what you do, share professional experiences and to follow and engage with people across the industry. 

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