The Other Art Fair: 2 Free Tickets and Buy a Gavin Turk for £50

by Cass Art

London’s most famous fair, The Other Art Fair, is known across the art lands as the place to be to meet and buy work from 130 of the very best emerging and undiscovered artists.

The fair is back this Spring and it's got a beautiful new home – Bloomsbury Square’s Victoria House.

What's more, Cass Art is offering an exclusive ticket offer, with two free tickets!

Art lovers of all tastes and experience can choose from over 1,000 pieces to buy from just £50.

Celebrated for it’s unique visitor experience, The Other Art Fair’s 8th edition won’t disappoint with a talks & performance programme as well as Fever Tree’s G&T bar and Meantime Brewery bar.  

Ticket Offer

We're offering free tickets to The Other Art Fair. All you have to do is buy something at any of our London shops to get given a flyer that admits two people, worth £16. 
Gavin Turk Beard Project 

A Young Bearded Artist

YBA Gavin Turk, will be selling a collection of exclusive works for just £50 with his ‘Project Beard’. It's exactly how it sounds. The artist has been sculpting his wonderful flowing beard in 6 stages as an art project to benefit his children's educational charity The House of Fairy Tales.

With the help of a 'beard expert' from Murdock London, Gavin undertook a series of trims, transforming him into 6 of the most important artists of the 20th century.

The resulting photographic editions are for sale at The Other Art Fair and will be signed by the artist.

The poster is titled 'Rodin, Morris, Cézanne, Matisse, Man Ray, Dali’ and is an edition of 250 and sold at just £50 each. That's right - you could own a Gavin Turk for just £50!

The print editions of each of the 6 will be editions of 20 plus 5 Artist Proofs at £350.

When and how?

The Other Art Fair runs from 23rd-26th April 2015.

Buy anything in one of our London shops (Islington, Hampstead, Charing Cross, Soho, High St Kensington and Kingston) to receive The Other Art Fair flyer that submits two people for free.

For more information visit The Other Art Fair website.

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