The Artist is Nothing without the Gift

by Cass Art

Our "The Artist is Nothing without the Gift" gift voucher box is available when you buy Cass Art gift vouchers in all our stores. The box was inspired by the quote by French writer Émile Zola, and opens like a book with the Cass Art-designed voucher. The gift voucher box also includes a complementary Cass Art watercolour postcard pad to get your budding artist started in their creative quest.

Gift vouchers are available at £10, £20 and £50 vouchers. Please note that the gift voucher boxes are only available when making a purchase of gift vouchers in store. Ask our staff for more details.

If you want to give the artist the gift at any hour, be sure to send the perfect starting sum via email with online gift vouchers. The online gift card allows you to buy the gift from your desk, and choose a larger gift amount only available through the website. You can also buy whenever suits you and still opt to send the gift on their special day, whether it's impeccably planned or last minute!

Émile Zola

The Man behind the Quote - who was Émile Zola?

Zola was a 19th-century French writer and naturalist, whose plays were an important contribution to theatrical naturalism; the preference that theatre reflect real life, with everyday speech and realistic characters, and plots that portrayed the harshness of life (poverty and racism, for example). He was also known for his optimism, and during his lifetime played a large part in French politics including his famous "J'Accuse" letter on the front page of the Paris daily newspaper, L'Aurore. Zola was a childhood friend of Cézanne, who painted the portrait Paul Alexis Reading to Zola in Aix-en-Provence. The friends fell out later in life due to Zola's fictionalised portrayal of Cézanne and the life of painters in his novel The Masterpiece. One last bit of trivia, in 1902 he died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a poorly ventilated chimney.

And what else did he say?  

"The Artist is Nothing without the Gift" was immediately followed by "but the Gift is Nothing without the work."

So persevere at your art, and share your latest work (or those who you gifted to) on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Enjoy your gift or the giving, from all the staff at Cass Art and...

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