There is nowhere in England like Hampstead

by Cass Art

There is nowhere in England like Hampstead Village. We have string quartets or flautists as buskers, our graffiti art is a Chihuahua stencil, spray painted on our walls alongside a poetry quote and our streets are strewn with bunting (thank you Hampstead Summer Festival). The bin men knock on your doors to ask you if you have any rubbish (not kidding) and people are very friendly and kind when you are looking for the Heath. For London it has a community spirit like I have never seen before welcoming families, tourists and tortured artists alike.

It is the perfect place to inspire you for there is nothing dull about Hampstead Village and the diversity of our Cass Art Staff complements this. Our varied backgrounds and passions for different mediums personalise this store. We love experimenting with new and old products and make time for you to explore them too. Graphic designer and silk printing designer extraordinaire (well she will be when she has mastered the 4 colour separation, where the screen print looks like a photograph) works alongside a paper engineer, bookbinder, set and costume designer, Material researcher/designer plus a few comic geeks . We love what we do outside of work and we are here to give you all the advise we can based on our experience.


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