Van Gogh Robot Painting

by Cass Art

One of Rob and Nick latest projects is their very first robot painting, where they have managed to create this rendition of Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers! Artists have always used tools at their disposal and our work has always included cutting-edge technology, so it was natural for Rob and Nick to move into robotics. Working with a team of advanced software programmers and visual effects specialists, they set out to create a homage to the original artwork using modern innovation.

The transcription was executed over 40 hours of continuous painting by their robot. It is made up of 9,153 brushstrokes derived from more than 100,000 lines of code. This artwork was untouched by human hands from blank canvas to finished painting.

Colour is synonymous with their work, and this is the first time they have used the robot to create a work in colour. A few years ago The National Gallery gave them a high-resolution image showing the true colours of Van Gogh’s original. The robot has used 37 colours and 20 brushes to echo the layering technique used by the artist at the time, with very beautiful bright colours underneath and the rich yellows layered over the top. Sunflowers Robot Painting reflects their continuous fascination with Old Masters and the still life genre.


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