past event: Zombie Day must-haves with Nicholas Thompson

by Cass Art

To celebrate World Zombie Day this Saturday, 12th October we have hosted Zombie workshops with special effects artist Nicholas Thompson. Before the gruesome final workshop this Saturday, we asked Nicholas for a dead good guide to top products for creating convincing un-dead looks...

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Snazaroo Special FX kit
"My top pick is the Snazaroo Special FX Scary Faces Kit, including fake blood, a stipple sponge and some wax. First clean the face of your victim; gently warm the wax- start with a pea sized chunk roll between thumb and forefinger (remember its going on skin!) Sponge on a base layer of your chosen zombie skin colour and then start to cut into the wound or scar with a sculpting tool; you can then paint the wound and drizzle with fake blood- simple fun and very effective.   

Latex is fantastic in ageing costume to make it look distressed and lived in and is used by SFX make-up artists in moulds to create wounds and scars for facial prosthetics. I would recommend the Gedeo Latex, just remember to not apply it directly to your face and always use in a well ventilated area.

Decent sponges, like the Snazaroo High Density Sponge Pack of 4, are really worth the money as they allow you pick up more colour each time that you go back into your palate, by controlling the pressure with your stippling, you can blend and highlight giving you a good even coverage quickly.

The Staedtler Fimo Modelling Tool Wallet includes lightweight, easy to clean each end has a different shape to help you create wounds and scars with all of that grizzly detail to lift the standard of your work. They can be easily shoved into your pocket and being bright red you can see them at the bottom of your kit bag or on a table that is full of your macabre creations."

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Nicholas Thompson is a freelance Special Effects Make-up Artist who works in the film industry sculpting, painting, moulding and making a mess. He graduated from the National Film and Television School in 2011 and holds Rick Baker personally accountable for the direction of his life so far. For more information visit his website.

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