Amaco Clay and Wire

Founded over 90 years ago, this American company specialises in sculptural products. Starting with the very first US modelling clay in 1919, it has continued to innovate in the field of clay, plaster and papier-mâché. Among its most famous products are Sculptamold, a dehydrated compound, and Claycrete, an instant papier-mâché. We also stock Amaco’s WireForm aluminium mesh, a strong and flexible net for adding structure to models.
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  1. Amaco Claycrete 1lb


  2. Amaco Sculptamould 1.36kg (3lb)

    RRP: £11.50 £9.95 Save 13%

  3. Wireform 50004D Contour Mesh Aluminium Folded Sheet


  4. Wireform 50005E Sparkle Mesh Aluminium Folded Sheet


  5. Wireform Mini Pack Diamond Mesh Aluminium