Artograph Tracer Projector & Lightpads

The first Artograph art projector was made in 1947 in a garage in Minnesotafrom car parts, fire bellows and other parts found in junk shops. Since then, the company has expanded to produce a range of quality projectors, lightboxes, light tracers and art studio furniture that is elegant and above all practical, with the emphasis on simplicity of use.
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  1. Artograph Tracer Projector

    RRP: £92.99 £69.95 Save 25%

  2. Artograph LightPad

    RRP: £179.99 £155.00 Save 14%

    Available in 2 sizes
  3. Artograph EZ Tracer Projector

    RRP: £60.00 £49.95 Save 17%

  4. Artograph LightPad

    RRP: £269.99 £189.95 Save 30%

    Available in 2 sizes