Linex Drawing Tools

Linex's products are essential for anyone needing to draw with ultimate precision. All their products comply to the ISO International Standards for drawing articles, which means you can rely on their rulers and scales to be perfectly straight, precise and parallel. It's no surprise that they're the drawing instruments of choice for many professional engineers and architects, as well as students. What's more, Linex takes environmental responsibility seriously, packing their products with as little waste as possible, and they've even created a fully biodegradable Nature Range of drawing instruments made from natural corn starch and printed with biodegradable ink.
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  1. Linex Large Bow Compass with Extension Arm

    RRP: £70.44 £48.95 Save 31%

  2. Linex Flexi Curve with Graduations 50cm

    RRP: £21.83 £14.95 Save 32%

  3. Linex Steel Rule 100cm

    RRP: £35.68 £28.95 Save 19%

  4. Linex Steel Rule 30cm

    RRP: £12.74 £8.95 Save 30%

  5. Linex Steel Rule 15cm

    RRP: £6.32 £3.95 Save 38%

  6. Linex Nature Range Tri Scale


  7. Linex College Triangular Scale 6 Scales


  8. Linex College Triangular Scale Rule (1:2:5:5:10:20:50:100)


  9. Linex Sketching T-Square 30cm A4

    RRP: £15.32 £12.95 Save 15%

  10. Linex Bevel Edge Adjustable Set Square 10 inches

    RRP: £39.14 £32.95 Save 16%

  11. Linex Geometry Set Square


  12. Linex Budget Lettering Stencil 50mm


  13. Linex Bow Compass with Universal Adaptor

    RRP: £49.99 £36.95 Save 26%