Cass Art Tote Bags

Cass Art is in the colour business, and nothing shows this more prominently than our range of colourful tote bags. Collectable in many different colours, the Cass Art tote bags reinforce the palette that great artists have used throughout history. They highlight the colours used by Picasso, Lichtenstein, Matisse and many other notable artists, and serve to remind artists today of the wide range of original paint colours available. Previous tote bags have included Scarlet Lake, Permanent Mauve, Quinacridone Magenta and Payne’s Grey, not to mention Ultramarine Blue, Linden Green, Orange Lake Deep and many others. But it all began with the original ‘Art in a Bag’ black tote. This launched in store in 2008, when Mark Cass, CEO & Founder of Cass Art, and Pentagram Designer Angus Hyland, got together to give customers a sustainable way of carrying their art supplies home.

The Cass Art bags have been spotted all over the world – from every corner of London to the English seaside of Norfolk, and even beyond the UK from Miami to Australia, and Rio to Lithuania. Bright, bold and unmistakeably a part of Cass Art’s history, many artists try to collect the whole range and have even been known to turn them into cushions, quilts and colourful wall hangings.  

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  1. Cass Art Marion Deuchars Kids Bag Blue


  2. Cass Tote Bag Golden Ochre


  3. Cass Tote Bag Opera Rose


  4. Cass Tote Bag Perylene Maroon


  5. Cass Tote Bag Viridian