Rewards card - FAQs

What is my Rewards card number?

This consists of 8 letters and numbers, beginning RC followed by 6 numbers. You can find this below the barcode on the back of your card, or on the back of the carrier that your Rewards card came in.

What is a ‘Reward Accumulator’?

This is a counter that shows how much you have spent within £100, it is on the ‘Receipt and Reward update’ that will be emailed to you automatically after your purchase. This adds up your spend at Cass Art each time you visit us. It resets when you spend £100 and are given a £10 Reward. It also resets after 12 months of inactivity on the account.

For example, if you spent £105 over two visits, after your second visit you would have a £10 Reward in ‘Rewards Available’ and your ‘Reward Accumulator’ would be £5.

How do I redeem my Reward?

To redeem in-store:

  • Present your card at the till, when your card is scanned it will show the Rewards available to you.
  • You can redeem your Reward in one go or split your Reward over multiple visits, but do keep the expiry date of the Reward in mind.

I received my Rewards card in-store, can I also use online to get my next Reward?

It is only possible to use your Rewards card in-store, and purchases made online cannot be used to earn Rewards.

I haven't received my Receipt and Rewards Update, what should I do?

  1. Check your Spam and Junk email folders, and add to your Contact list to receive this email straight into your Inbox in future.
  2. If you cannot find the receipt in those folders, we may have an incorrect email for you. Please email or call our Customer Care team with your Rewards Card number handy, the date of your last purchase and which Cass Art shop you visited. In some cases we may ask for some form of identification to be sent to us to change the contact details for a Rewards card.

How do I know how close I am to my next Reward? Can I see this online?

At the moment the only place you can see how much more you have to spend is via the Receipt and Rewards update you receive after an in-store purchase.

We are looking to increase the number of ways you can see your Rewards balance soon and would welcome any feedback.

When does my Reward expire?

Cass Art Rewards expire after 2 months, or within the timeframe specified on the email you received with that Reward (whichever is shorter). To avoid disappointment please read the contents of the email clearly, as we are unable to extend the expiry date of any Reward. Find out more about our individual rewards in our Terms & Conditions.

I’m a Student / Art & Design Tutor – can I have a Rewards card?

We already have an exclusive discount card for you, and no two cards can be used in conjunction with each other at Cass Art. Find out more about our Viridian card for life Art & Design tutors here, and our Cobalt Blue card for Students here. Students will be eligible for a Rewards card when they graduate.

We hope you found the answer you are looking for – if not please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team by email or by calling 0207 619 2601.