Projectors & Lighting

Our great range of lighting products are perfect for use at home or in the studio. The Daylight Company use natural bright daylight technology, allowing for true colour matching, and the added bonus of reducing eye strain and glare. Our choice of products can suit the needs of any artist, whether you want a magnifying lamp for detailed work, something to use at your desk or easel, or a free-standing studio lamp. With many lamps offering adjustable height and positions you’re bound to find the perfect lighting solution to enhance both your workspace and your work.
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  1. Artograph Tracer Projector

    RRP: £92.99 £69.95 Save 25%

  2. The Daylight Company Easel Lamp

    RRP: £82.00 £69.95 Save 15%

  3. The Daylight Company LED Task Lamp Extra Large

    RRP: £143.00 £119.95 Save 16%

  4. The Daylight Company Table Magnifying Lamp

    RRP: £39.99 £28.95 Save 28%

  5. Artograph EZ Tracer Projector

    RRP: £60.00 £49.95 Save 17%

  6. The Daylight Company Professional Artist Lamp

    RRP: £145.00 £95.00 Save 34%

  7. The Daylight Company Slimline LED Table Lamp

    RRP: £125.00 £99.95 Save 20%

  8. The Daylight Company Studio Lamp and Stand

    RRP: £125.00 £99.95 Save 20%

  9. The Daylight Company 32W Energy Saving Bulb


  10. The Daylight Company Magnificent LED Magnifying Lamp

    RRP: £89.99 £64.95 Save 28%