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Anyone who takes their art seriously needs a portfolio case. Although they’re clearly a necessity for students or professionals who need to transport and present a variety of work, if you’re planning to move your art you should look at our selection of portfolio cases. Examples such as the Mapac Premier Portfolio, with ring mechanism and steel spine, also double as excellent storage, as will more simple portfolio sleeves. Whether you choose the popular A3 portfolio or another size, our range of solid and smart cases will see your work arrives safe and secure at its destination.
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  1. Mapac Quartz Portfolio

    From £9.95 Save up to 52%

    Available in 4 sizes
  2. Cass Art Presentation Portfolio

    From £11.95 Save up to 62%

    Available in 4 sizes
  3. Mapac Archival Jet Sleeves

    From £2.75 Save up to 48%

    Available in 3 sizes
  4. Mapac Premier Portfolio A4

    RRP: £34.34 £17.95 Save 48%

  5. Cass Art Studio Portfolio

    From £6.95 Save up to 51%

    Available in 2 colours
    Available in 3 sizes
  6. Mapac Premier Portfolio A1

    RRP: £92.02 £44.50 Save 52%

  7. Cass Art Deluxe Presentation Padded Portfolio with Rings

    From £39.95

    Available in 2 sizes
  8. Cass Art Presentation Sleeves 140 microns

    From £0.65 Save up to 29%

    Available in 4 sizes
  9. Prat Cristal Laser Hole Punched Sheet-Protectors For Spiral-Books

    From £15.99

    Available in 2 sizes
  10. Prat Polyester Sheet-Protectors For Spiral-Books

    From £12.99

    Available in 2 sizes
  11. Seawhite Krystal Seal Sleeves

    From £4.95

    Available in 3 sizes
  12. Cass Art Presentation Portfolio Strap


  13. Mapac Premier Portfolio A3

    RRP: £47.80 £24.95 Save 48%

  14. Mapac Premier Portfolio A2

    RRP: £67.31 £38.95 Save 42%