Jakar Drawing Accessories

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  1. Jakar Metal Pencil Sharpener

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    Available in 2 sizes
  2. Jakar Wooden Male Manikin 12 inches

    RRP: £8.49 £7.50

  3. Jakar Wooden Male Manikin 8 inches

    RRP: £7.49 £6.25

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  4. Jakar Wooden Male Right Hand Large

    RRP: £21.99 £16.95

Jakar Drawing Accessories

Who knew that drawing could encompass so many accessories? It can mean so much more than a pen and sheet of paper. From projectors and lightboxes to drawing boards and clips, we've got the additions that can make your sketching superior. With brands like Artograph, Daylight and Blundell Harling, you know your drawing tools are in safe hands. Perhaps you need a pencil case to store your favourite pencils? Or a manikin to teach you about perspective and the human figure? Whatever it is, browse our drawing accessories to find that missing gem, and we're sure your drawing life will soon be complete.