Drawing Pads & Sketchpads

Our sketch pads are ideal for any creative situation that you may find yourself in, such as wanting to create a massive art project with an A3 sketch pad or needing to work on something small with an A4 sketch pad.

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  1. Canson The Wall Pad Double Sided Marker Pad 220gsm 30 sheets

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    Available in 2 sizes
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Drawing Pads & Sketchpads


Choose from a wide range of styles, types and thicknesses to ensure that you get the perfect choice for your needs and requirements.  If you’re looking for a sketch pad that is thick enough to be sketched on with watercolour pens, such as a 220gsm sketch pad, or for something thinner that is ideal for tracing through, such as a 45gsm sketch pad, then we can help you. We also stock a wide range of sizes across all our brands, from an A2 sketch pad for the biggest creations, or if you need something smaller, an A3 sketch pad all the way down to A6 sketch pad size.


If you’re just starting out on your art journey, or are an experienced sketcher or drawing artist, we’ve got the perfect sketchpad for you to use in the creation process. If you’re just starting out on your art journey and aren’t sure of what sketchpad to get, such as what size to get and whether to go for an A3 sketch pad or an A2 sketch pad for a giant project or an A4 sketch pad for something smaller, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need recommendations on our sketchpad range.