Schmincke Pastell Malkästen Pastels Set of 120

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Schmincke Extra Soft Finest Pastels are produced using the purest finely ground artists’ pigments which are in the highest possible concentration.

  • They have a remarkable quality and smoothness, with consistently rich colour and minimal binding agent content.
  • Each of these sets include a balanced range of colours, which can be fully blended with one another to create beautiful pure colour mixes.

Card board set including Colours: 007M 005H 063O 086O 001D 029O 041H 091O 084O 098N 016D 046D 062H 077O 098L 017O 040O 690D 077H 095M 013D 022O 060D 070H 099D 010H 044O 062B 086D 035B 009D 047O 065B 074B 043B 008D 049D 069B 093D 023D 001D 044O 056H 091O 071M 082M 032B 035B 007M 040O 052D 061O 071B 086D 028D 025B 008M 041H 063O 069M 070H 083B 030M 023D 008D 046D 600O 069O 072H 073B 028M 022O 009D 043B 062H 690D 077H 074B 029O 024O 013D 049D 600H 066M 077O 093D 032O 098N 010H 047D 060D 690O 086O 095M 017O 098L 005O 043O 062B 065B 083M 098H 016D 090M 042M 046M 061D 068H 084O 090B 021B 036O 005H 047O 069B 065O 080O 099D 033B 092 007M 044O 046M 062B 650D 075O 081D 029O 022B 001D 003O 040O 047O 600B 065B 086O 074B 014M 023D 091O 008M 041O 049O 061D 068H 083M 082B 032O 024O 061O 002H 044H 050O 067D 065O 084O 094D 017O 023M 067O 008D 041H 056H 069B 071M 080O 093D 033O 022O 091H 009M 046D 052D 069H 071B 094M 030B 017H 019M 090M 009D 043B 057M 069M 070H 082M 032B 016D 018O 095M 010H 043D 063O 069O 072H 075B 013D 021B 098N 092O 005O 049D 600O 690D 077H 086D 028D 033B 035O 098H 005H 047D 062H 066M 075H 084B 093O 037D 036O 092B 042H 048H 600H 690O 076M 083B 030M 035B 037M 090B 042M 043O 060D 065H 077O 073B 028M 025B 098L 099

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24th January 2019 Reviewed by Miles Mason Over all I'm happy with this set, great way to start using schminke's.
Some are a bit misshapened where they have been cut through, I didn't find this with full lengths. I feel I have about 6 halfs that belong to 3 wholes - they are so similar. One brighter orange would have been good.
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