Conte a Paris Graphite Pencils 3H to 6B Set of 12

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The Contéˆ a Paris Graphite Pencils Drawing Set is a collection of excellent pencils of differing hardnesses.

  • Conté aˆ Paris invented the pencil as we known it, particularly the concept of hardnesses, so these have hundreds of years of experience and know-how invested in them.
  • Housed in a handsome reusable tin, the Conté aˆ Paris Graphite Pencils Drawing Set includes leads 3H, 2H, H, 2 x HB, B, 2 x 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B and 6B.
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Q&A (2)
Q What pencil grade do I need?

Graphite pencils come in various weights and are graded from H (Hard) to B (Black). H pencils will tend to be used by architects, graphic designers and artists who illustrate fine details. The hardness of the graphite allows the pencil to make precise markings with little smudging. B pencils will tend to be used by artists for sketching. The soft lead is easily blend able and can be used to create shading and achieve tonal effects. Soft graphite is easy to smudge which is often used as an effect when drawing.

Q Are pencils graded universally?

All graphite pencils are graded from H (Hard) to B (Black). However, these grades are not strictly universal. For example, some brands may use a softer graphite during their manufacturing process than others. However, these differences are slight and the choice between which brands to buy will mostly come down to personal preference.

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3rd December 2017 Reviewed by Martha Richler Perfect ***/quality.


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23rd August 2016 Reviewed by Margaret Cunningham My granddaughter uses the pencil art set and she is very pleased with the quality of this product. I would recommend this product to artists whether just starting out or professional


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29th December 2013 Reviewed by Sarah Harvey My daughter will get great use from these pencils at art school
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