Markers Graphic Marker Pens

Whether you want to create professional-quality illustrations or simply write your name on your schoolbag, you'll find a marker pen here to fit the bill. There really is something for everyone, from the classic Sharpie to the Copic range, with marker pens for almost any surface, and ProMarkers in a huge range of colours.

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  1. Winsor & Newton ProMarker Student Wallet Set of 24

    RRP: £63.00 £42.50

  2. Posca Paint Marker PC-3M Collection 0.9-1.3mm Set of 40

    RRP: £149.99 £84.95

    * * * * * (5)
  3. Posca Paint Marker PC-5M 1.8-2.5mm Set of 16

    RRP: £65.92 £36.95

    * * * * * (7)

Markers Graphic Marker Pens

You’ll also find highlighter pens, gel pens, paint markers such as Liquitex, which is filled with high-quality acrylic paint, brush markers that combine nib and brush, chalk markers and also metallic markers for decoration. If you've only ever used markers for signs and labels, you'll be amazed at the huge variety of innovative pens around.