Daler Rowney Easels

Daler-Rowney art supplies company draws on over 200 years of experience. The oldest of the two halves, Rowney was founded in the 18th century, supplying artists’ colours to customers including Constable and Turner. The company made important innovations in both oil and watercolours and in 1963 was the first to introduce a range of artists’ acrylics. The second, The Daler Board Company, began in 1945, creating canvas substitutes in response to post-war shortages before expanding into a range of artists’ materials. The combined expertise of these two brands has grown ever since, and the combined company now exports to more than 90 countries. Cass Art stocks many Daler-Rowney ranges, including Georgian and Graduate oil colours, System 3 and Graduate acrylics, Cachet sketching books and pads, Canford paper and card and Langton and Murano paper.

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  1. Daler Rowney Cotswold Studio Easel

    RRP: £125.00 £69.95 Save 44%

  2. Daler Rowney Kensington Studio Easel

    RRP: £175.00 £139.95 Save 20%

  3. Daler Rowney Exeter Radial Studio Easel

    RRP: £125.00 £79.95 Save 36%

  4. Daler Rowney Edinburgh Table Easel

    RRP: £35.00 £24.95 Save 29%

  5. Daler Rowney Lyra Studio Easel

    RRP: £85.00 £49.95 Save 41%

  6. Daler Rowney St Pauls Easel

    RRP: £40.00 £29.95 Save 25%

  7. Daler Rowney Lincoln Table Easel

    RRP: £35.00 £29.95 Save 14%

  8. Daler Rowney Artists Display Rack

    RRP: £70.00 £39.95 Save 43%

  9. Daler Rowney Artsphere Easel A3

    RRP: £45.00 £32.50 Save 28%