14th Apr 2023

This exhibition showcases artists from Southern India. Having their origins in a tropical zone, the artists have used vibrant colours in capturing their day-to-day happenings in their hometowns and nearby places. The exhibition highlights a theme - though these narratives are unique to their place of origin, the colours used to produce the works remain universal, from just three primary colours a whole palette full of colour can be created.

The organisers sought an international crossover and exchange of deep-rooted values imbibed by artists since their childhood, and believe this kind of cultural experience will help foster better understanding and friendships beyond borders.

One of the artists AV Ilango aged 74 is internationally reputed and has worked on multifarious art series like the drummers, dancers, bulls, and urban landscape and here in this event he has displayed some of his pencil sketches of dancers. Daksha, another artist has captured the coastal scenarios of her city named Chennai. She has also worked on a few landscapes with the dramatic play of light and colours. Artist Selva has explored the forms that appear in his dreams with playful colours and myriad animal forms. Thejo Menon’s and Jacob Jebraj’s small format works highlight the intimacy of relationships and the neuropathic regions of the brain respectively.

Location: The Art Space, Cass Art Bristol

Dates: Monday 1st April - Sunday 14th April 2024

Admission: FREE

Please note, this exhibition takes place on the lower ground floor and there is no step-free access.