A few pots of glitter are an essential for any craft cupboard, whether you're an adult papercrafter or a child needing green and red glitter to add a touch of sparkle to Christmas decorations. As well as loose glitter, we stock a range of glitter glue, which makes it easy to create precise details, as well as to create interesting 3D effects.
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  1. Creativity International Glitter


    Available in 3 colours
  2. Reeves Glitter Paint


    Available in 3 colours
  3. Reeves Glitter Gel


    Available in 3 colours
  4. Reeves Oasis Glitter Glue Set of 10 18ml Assorted Colours


  5. Galt Squeeze & Brush Glitter Set of 5


  6. Jakar Glitter Jar


    Available in 5 colours
  7. West Glue Spreaders Set of 5 Assorted Colours


  8. Tulip 3D Glitter Animal 22ml Assorted Colours Pack of 3


  9. Tulip 3D Glitter Confetti 22ml Assorted Colours Pack of 3