Cass Art, Royal Talens Luxury Art Supplies

We stock a range of Luxury Art Supplies online which feature the highest quality materials at luxuriously low prices. From artist's paints and markers, to professional wooden box sets and pastels, make a timeless addition to your artist toolkit by ordering online.

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  1. Cass Art Soft Pastels 60 Full and 80 Half Set

    RRP: £124.95 £79.95 Save 36%

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  2. Ecoline Watercolour Brush Pen Set of 30

    RRP: £64.95 £53.95 Save 17%

  3. Van Gogh Oil Colour Wooden Box Inspiration Set

    RRP: £150.00 £99.95 Save 33%

  4. Luxury Wooden Acrylic Set with Liquitex Paint, Brushes & Box - Cass Art...

    RRP: £228.95 £99.95 Save 56%

  5. Luxury Wooden Oil Set with Michael Harding Colours, Brushes & Box - Cass...

    RRP: £254.50 £179.95 Save 29%

Cass Art, Royal Talens Luxury Art Supplies

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