Jakar Painting Accessories

Who knew that being an artist required so many accessories? From palettes to primers, varnishes to table lamps and palette knives to guide books, here at Cass Art we've got you covered.

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  1. Jakar White Plastic 10 Well Palette with Thumb Hole 33 x 22cm


  2. Jakar White Plastic Flower Shaped Palette


  3. Jakar White Plastic Circular 10 Well Palette 17.5cm diameter


  4. Jakar Palette rectangular 21 x 14.5cm White


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  5. Jakar Palette Knives Assorted Shapes Set of 5


  6. Jakar Plastic Kidney Shaped Palette 15 x 25cm


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Jakar Painting Accessories

Enjoy the preparation, care and learnings that come from being an artist and taking care of your art materials. With brands like C Roberson, Jakar and Zest It, you can clean, store and use all our painting accessories for excellent results, preserving the quality of your art supplies, feeding your ideas and making your creative plans a reality.