There's nothing as satisfying as storing your artist tools neatly and conveniently all in one place. A caddy is one of those small artist accessories that you couldn't be without. Whether you work in oils, watercolours, collage or craft, it will be your toolbox or treasure chest of artist supplies. We sell a Daler-Rowney plastic caddy that is simple and functional, with fold out trays and plenty of compartments to store your drawing and painting materials. We also sell brush tubes, which are invaluable for keeping your different sizes and styles of brush in good order. With storage tools from Daler Rowney, ArtBin and Mabef you'll be spoiled for choice with all your art storing needs.
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  1. Daler Rowney Empty Caddy

    RRP: £18.75 £8.95 Save 52%

  2. Colour Storage Caddy


    Available in 3 colours
  3. Mabef M102 Artists Sketch Box 12x16 inches

    RRP: £125.00 £85.00 Save 32%

  4. ArtBin Twin Top Lift Tray Box

    RRP: £27.95 £19.95 Save 29%

  5. Cass Tote Bag Perylene Maroon


  6. ArtBin Essential 1 Tray Box

    RRP: £10.50 £8.95 Save 15%

  7. Daler Rowney Extendable Brush Tube


  8. Cass Tote Bag Opera Rose


  9. ArtBin Brush Box


  10. ArtBin Sidekick Storage Box Translucent


  11. Cass Tote Bag Viridian


  12. Cass Tote Bag Golden Ochre