The World’s Best Acrylics and Mediums

We’re celebrating the diversity of acrylics, from heavy body and fluid paints to inks and iridescent mediums. Explore artist quality materials from Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Golden and more. Our Price Match Promise guarantees unbeatable prices.

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  1. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint

    From £3.50

    From £0.02 per ml

    Available in 48 colours
     & 2 sizes
  2. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Set of 8 Nozzles


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  3. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Gesso - 500ml


    From £0.08 per ml

  4. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Binding Medium - 500ml


    From £0.02 per ml

  5. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Binding Medium - 120ml


    From £0.04 per ml

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  6. Sennelier Abstract Modeling Paste - 120ml


    From £0.05 per ml

  7. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic 120ml Metallic Colours Set of 5

    RRP: £21.25 £14.95

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  8. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Primary Colours 120ml Set of 5

    RRP: £22.50 £15.95

    From £0.02 per ml

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The World’s Best Acrylics and Mediums

This allows you to create artwork that resembles an oil painting or a watercolour, or even something unique that can’t normally be found in other medium – your creative imagination is key to getting you to experiment with what you can make acrylic look like. Or there are traditional acrylic finishes in both matte and gloss, should you decide to be less experimental.

We offer a range of types of acrylic paint colours, as well as painting sets if you need to purchase multiple paints, acrylic inks to allow even greater experimentation, and acrylic spray paints to allow you to work in a completely new medium as well, rather than the traditional brush and paint.

With a range of brands available, including Daler Rowney, Pebeo, Winsor & Newton and Liquitex, there’s an acrylic paint set to suit you and your needs, whether you need brilliant vibrant colours or something a bit more subtle and understated. We offer all of our acrylics in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can experiment and find the perfect brand for you to start painting with.

We also cater for your skill level, so if you’re just starting out on your art journey and are unsure of where to start, we offer student level acrylics to allow you to experiment with the medium to start your art journey. Or if you’re more experienced, we also offer professional artist acrylics to allow you to have less colour-shift during the drying process, as well as allowing you to experiment with manipulating the medium more.

Need a highly versatile paint to suit a huge range of styles and differences when creating something fantastic? You do, which is why we recommend using acrylic paint for your next creation. Acrylics are highly suitable across a range of media, and can be altered easily, either by diluting the paint with water or modifying it with a variety of other materials, such as acrylic gels, pastes or other acrylic mediums.