More Techniques, Priming Acrylic Mediums, Gels & Pastes

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  1. Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Set of 8 Nozzles


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More Techniques, Priming Acrylic Mediums, Gels & Pastes

Other parts you can experiment with include adding different textures to the finished project, as well as changing the finish of the paint so that it resembles an oil painting or a watercolour, instead of the traditional acrylic style and finish. Or if you do prefer a more traditional finish, you can go for a gloss or matte finish on your acrylic painting, to capture that right look for your project.

We stock a wide range of leading brands including Winsor & Newton, Pebeo, Golden and Liquitex, across a variety of products including gesso primer, heavy gels and textured gels as well as moulding pastes to allow you to create something truly unique in your art journey. A lot of our products are simple to use, such as just mixing directly with the paint on your palette, or dipping your brush into them as you would with water, making it extremely easy for you to change your painting style without needing to get even more specialised equipment.