Oil Paint and Acrylic Paintbrushes

If you’re an oil painter, or use acrylics as your favoured medium, then you’ll know just how important getting the right brush is. Acrylic painters will usually be forced to paint quickly due to acrylic paint drying out quickly, whereas oil painters will require a longer time to paint due to oil paint taking a lot longer to dry, so it’s worth taking all of this into consideration before you begin to create a new piece.

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  1. Winsor & Newton Hog Long Handle Fan Brush


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  2. Seawhite Bakers Brush Set of 3


Oil Paint and Acrylic Paintbrushes

Getting the right brush for the situation can help you with your painting techniques. For oil painting, you’ll want to apply the paint with the rule of “fat over lean”, so choosing a particular brush to help apply paint is key. Acrylic painting can also be played with a lot, allowing you to achieve a lot of different finishes, and you may also decide to experiment with different styles in conjunction with finishes, creating mixed media.

If you have a particular favourite brand, such as Daler Rowney or Pro Arte or Winsor & Newton , then you’ll be sure to find your favourite brand here. We have plenty of different types of brushes so that you can experiment with your painting techniques and styles. If you’re just starting out on your art journey and need some help or recommendations, or even if you’re a professional artist, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information on our range.