Synthetic Paintbrushes

Whilst some purists may argue that a true artist uses only animal hair brushes, we believe that everyone should be able to create art with whatever materials they like. That’s why we offer synthetic brushes, as these are often a great alternative to the more expensive brushes, such as Kolinsky sable brushes. Synthetic brushes are ideal for acrylic or watercolour painting, thanks to their softer and more flexible bristles.

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  1. Pentel Water Brush Medium, Broad and Fine Set of 3

    RRP: £20.91 Was: £14.95 £10.35

  2. Derwent Push Button Waterbrush Assorted Set of 4

    RRP: £24.99 £19.95

  3. Derwent Water Brush Set of 3

    RRP: £16.19 Was: £10.95 £8.50

  4. Caran D'ache Water Brushes Set of 3

    RRP: £16.99 £14.50

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  5. Isabey Isacryl Pointed Round Series 6512 Brush

    From £4.70

    Available in 12 sizes
  6. Isabey Isacryl Bright Series 6562 Brush

    From £4.30

    Available in 12 sizes
    * * * * * (2)
  7. Isabey Isacryl Filbert Series 6572 Brush

    From £4.95

    Available in 12 sizes
    * * * * * (9)
  8. Isabey Isacryl Long Flat Series 6582 Brush

    From £4.85

    Available in 12 sizes
    * * * * * (5)

Synthetic Paintbrushes

If you’re looking for a substitute to traditional animal hair brushes for whatever reason, whether it is due to price or personal ethics, then synthetic brushes are a fantastic alternative for your creative needs. Whether you’re an acrylic artist or a watercolour worker, we have a synthetic brush to suit all your needs and styles, whether you prefer working with broad strokes or need a tool to help do finer, more intricate pieces of artwork.

We also stock all the best brands, such as Daler Rowney, Pentel, Derwent and Pro Arte, so if you have a favourite you’ll be sure to be able to find it here. Or if you’re looking for a new art brand to become your favourite, or if you’re unsure of what to get, then there are plenty of brands for you to explore to find a favourite. If you’re just starting out on your art journey or are well into it and need some help or recommendations, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we can help you on your journey.