Winsor & Newton Hog Long Handle Short Filbert Brush

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The Winsor & Newton Hog Long Handle Short Filbert Brush is a top-quality brush for artists’ oil colours, with an oval head designed for broad strokes with soft edges.

  • It’s made from real Chunking hog bristles, ideal for carrying oil colours due to their strength, which ensures the brush retains its shape, and their split ends, which mean they can take on more colour and distribute it more evenly.
  • With the handle designed to balance perfectly, whether you’re holding it by its seamless corrosion-resistant ferrules or at its elegant tail, the Winsor & Newton Hog Long Handle Short Filbert Brush is all you could look for in a brush.
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Q&A (4)
Q What are the benefits of using natural hair brushes as oppose to synthetic brushes?

Using natural hair for the bristles of a brush as oppose to using synthetic materials is a more traditional practice. Natural hair brushes tend to carry and hold more colour than a synthetic brush. Hog brushes tend to leave a stronger brush mark than synthetic brushes, which is often favourable for those painting with oil. However, this will vary and overall the hog brush does not differ too much from their synthetic counterpart.

Q What are the benefits to using a synthetic brush as oppose to a natural hair brush?

The most obvious advantage is that using a synthetic brush is kind to animals, but synthetic brushes also tend to be more durable and longer lasting than a natural hair brush. Furthermore, synthetic brushes do not expand in water and tips of brushes also stay finer for longer. This can prove helpful when applying paint for fine detailing.

Q My brush has misshapen over time. How can I rectify this?

Should you wish to retain the point of your brush, you can do so by soaking in boiling water and allowing brush to reshape. Please keep in mind that if your brush is resting on its bristles, this will affect its shape so take care when soaking.

Q What can I use to clean hog brushes?

This all depends on the kind of paint used. Hog bristles are traditionally used for oil painting, as the hard-wearing nature of hog hair allows for it to withstand the solvents and harsh substances needed for cleaning oil paint from brushes. To clean oil paints from your hog brush you will need to use a white spirit to clean the initial oil paint from your brush.

To clean acrylic paint from your hog brush you can use warm water, along with a brush soap should you want a more thorough clean. Please note that acrylic paint dries quickly and once dry it can prove difficult to restore your brush back to its best quality. You should aim to wash acrylic paint from your brush before it dries.

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