Table Easels

A table easel is sometimes called a table top easel, and is brilliantly portable. It can travel with you and find a home on any flat surface for sketching, so it's great for taking on holiday or sketching outside. With brands like Winsor and Newton, Mabef and Daler Rowney, you can be sure that all our table easels are of the highest quality. Completely adjustable to be tilted to whichever angle suits you, you'll wonder how you ever went without one.
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  1. Daler Rowney Edinburgh Table Easel

    RRP: £35.00 £19.95 Save 43%

  2. Daler Rowney Artsphere Easel A3

    RRP: £45.00 £30.50 Save 32%

  3. Daler Rowney Lincoln Table Easel

    RRP: £35.00 £27.50 Save 21%

  4. Mabef M14 Table Easel

    RRP: £67.00 £44.95 Save 33%

  5. Jullian Folding Aluminium Table Easel + Adjustable Wings

    RRP: £15.60 £10.95 Save 30%

  6. Jullian Oiled Beechwood Adjustable Bookstand

    RRP: £50.00 £36.95 Save 26%

  7. Jullian Oiled Beechwood Table Easel with Fixed Canvas Holder

    RRP: £10.90 £6.95 Save 36%