Linen Canvas

There's nothing like the sense of possibility that a blank canvas brings. Artists’ canvas is the primary surface for painting in oils, and it’s also used for acrylics and collage.

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  1. Winsor & Newton Professional Linen Canvas

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    Available in 9 sizes
  2. Winsor & Newton Classic Linen Canvas

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    From £0.39 per ml

    Available in 13 sizes
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  3. Pebeo 3D Natural Linen Canvas Multipack

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    Available in 6 sizes
  4. Pebeo 3D Natural Linen Canvas Triple Pack 10 x 10cm

    RRP: £12.00 £9.95 Save 17%

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  5. C Roberson Unprimed Fine Artist Linen Roll 265gsm


Linen Canvas

We stock a range of blank artists' canvas in a range of sizes that will suit your needs, pre-primed and ready for you to get painting right away. Linen canvas has a finer grain surface, suitable for detailed work, and comes in white from Winsor & Newton and a natural shade from Pebeo.