Starter, Watercolour Ink Individual Watercolour Paints

Our artist quality watercolour paints are perfect for both budding and professional artists looking to create their next piece of artwork. We offer both pan and tube paints from leading brands such as Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, Schmicke and our very own artist quality Cass Art Own Brand, each with their merits depending on your painting technique. 

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  1. Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Tubes 8ml

    RRP: £3.40 £2.65

    From £0.31 per ml

    Available in 40 colours
  2. Schmincke Akademie Gouache 60ml

    RRP: £5.62 £5.50

    From £0.09 per ml

    Available in 16 colours
  3. Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Water Colour Ink 15ml

    RRP: £7.55 £6.95

    From £0.40 per ml

    Available in 56 colours

Starter, Watercolour Ink Individual Watercolour Paints

Pans are great for slowly building layered artwork and applying more intricate details to your canvas, whilst traditional paint tubes are ideal for applying intense layers of bold, eye catching colour to your art.

Our watercolour paint range includes many high-quality brands ideal for painters of all skill levels. If you require a single tube or pan our Winsor & Newton professional paint tubes and pans are both available in countless colour variations so you get the exact colours you need.

As well as traditional watercolour paints we also stock alternatives that are more flexible than working with a brush, whilst still achieving the signature watercolour paint effect. The Winsor & Newton Watercolour Pens give easier control when applying bold detailing work, especially useful on watercolour paper.

Working with the correct art equipment is essential when using the watercolour medium, painting on the correct paper to avoid bleeding of paints. We also stock supplies like watercolour masking fluid and other accessories also preserve your artwork for even longer.

We took a closer look at the Winsor & Newton watercolour Winsor colours with their team, watch below: