Watercolour Paper

All artists who want to create eye catching paintings that show their artistic skill need to have the correct art equipment. One of the most common mistakes in the watercolour medium is using the incorrect paper, in order to keep your surface from absorbing too much water you need a high quality watercolour paper pad, with a high GSM of at least 300.

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  1. Fabriano Watercolour Roll 300g 1.5 x 10m

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  2. Fabriano Accademia Pad 240gsm 100 Sheets 27 x 35cm


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  3. Fabriano Glued Watercolour Pad 300gsm 12 Sheets Hot


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  4. Fabriano Watercolour Book 200gsm

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    Available in 2 sizes
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Watercolour Paper

We recommend that the paper is thicker and doesn’t begin to tear or feather the paint when worked on, for professionals Arches blocks are made with cotton fibre in France to the very highest standards and are available in a variety of textures.

Our watercolour pads are ideal for pencil or paint work, with the high GSM making all your work show at its best, all our art pads are available in a range of sizes including travel sized 10x7 and up to studio sized A2. We also stock both hot and cold pressed watercolour papers, perfect for all your needs.

If you are producing high quality artwork we recommend watercolour blocks, these are pads that come bound across all four sides, meaning the paper remains under tension throughout your work. Once your artwork is completed and dried you can simply use a craft knife to remove the page from the stack, the watercolour block also allows you to work on a surface that can’t move around, as movement can destroy the bottom pages of a traditional pad if they aren’t secure.