5th May 2023

This artistic course will allow students to learn different techniques and procedures normally used with pastels. Students will learn how to use this media with old techniques used by Renaissance artists such as Caravaggio, Raffaello and Tiziano. It will clarify the colour theory and how to apply it with pastels, glazing technique and how to shift the colours in tones and chroma. The chosen media will be pastels and/or graphites, as they may have a more
immediate effect and are easy to “play with”. The steps this course will take are as follows:

  1. Study of tones with graphites and or pastels
  2. Study of geometric forms (lit differently by light ) to reproduce 3d effects
  3. Study of grisaille and verdaccio technique to identify hues, values and chroma
  4. Shading, mixing and glazing technique
  5. Still life study, study from pictures
  6. Study of old Master's masterpiece

Workshop tutor Emanuele Colella is a self-taught artist who started drawing just by chance when he was living in Rome. He has always been into art as he used to be a professional musician, but after an accident left him with a broken wrist he decided to start sketching because he could not play the guitar. Since then Emanuele has been drawing and studying tirelessly. He started from still life and, afterwards, decided to focus on masterpieces from the old Masters in monochrome. When his technique was good enough, he began using colours and, in particular, pastels. Since then, Emanuele has continued studying different pastel techniques, from a classical approach to a more modern one. In 2021 Emanuele took part to an exhibition in Naples with one of his paintings called MATER.

Location: Cass Art Liverpool

Dates & times: Sundays 3pm - 4:30pm

  • 22nd October 2023
  • 26th November 2023
  • Every other Sunday from 11th January 2024 onward

Ages: 16+

Materials required: Attendees will need to bring the following materials, which can be purchased on the day at 10% off in-store:

  • A complete set of pastel pencils by Stabilo Carbothello
  • Pastel mat paper by Clairfontaine
  • A putty eraser by Faber Castell

Tickets: £25

To book: simply email Emanuele at

These workshops are wheelchair accessible.